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St. Martin Overview

Located in the northeast Caribbean and just south of Anguilla, St. Martin is one of the most unique and memorable islands in the West Indies. What makes it so unique? The island, which has a population of roughly 80,000 people, is divided and shared between France and the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The French side, which is less populated but consists of 60 percent of the island, is referred to as St. Martin, while the Dutch side, comprised of 40 percent, is called St Maarten. This division dates back to 1648.

While the island’s different names and cultural origins might be confusing at first, it does not matter which side of the island you are on as you will be warmly greeted by softly swaying palm trees, white sands and endless miles of calm, turquoise water. There are two main cities on the island. Marigot is on the French side, and Philipsburg is on the Dutch side. In other words, St. Martin travel is all about getting the best of both nations.

The Princess Juliana International Airport is St. Martin’s main airport. One of the first things that travelers to the island ask about is the currency. The French side uses the Euro, and the Dutch side uses the Netherlands Antilles guilder. However, there is no reason to panic or to try to run in your flip-flops to the nearest money exchange kiosk. U.S. dollars, credit cards and traveler’s checks are accepted most everywhere on the island. At the same time, you are still going to want to be familiar with the different exchange rates.

Visit St. Martin

St. Martin travel is an exotic fusion of cultures and traditions. From pristine beaches and vibrant nightlife to world-class cuisine and duty free shopping, the island’s 37 square miles are chockfull of things to see and do. St. Martin is different than other islands in the Caribbean because it has a distinctly cosmopolitan flair. St. Martin travel is like taking the savoir-fare of Paris and the formal elegance of Amsterdam, putting them both in a blender with the island’s colorful native heritage and creating a one-of-a-kind vacation cocktail.

The French side of the island is known for its luxury resorts, secluded beaches, rugged cliffs and Michelin Star cuisine. If you are looking for the latest French fashions, you will find them in Marigot. In some respects, it is a lot like traveling to the French Riviera. The smell of pastries and croissants drifts from the cafes and bistros, mixing with the spicy curries that are widespread throughout the Caribbean. The island is known as the Gastronomic Capital of the Caribbean. There are over 300 restaurants in St. Martin/Maarten, and they serve everything from BBQ ribs and chicken to eclectic French fare and Caribbean fusion. The Dutch side of the island has a lively cruise port. It is busier and more commercialized than the French district. Between the different cultures that make up St. Martin/St. Maarten, a vacationer is bound to find everything they could ever want and then some. St. Martin travel is an eclectic mix of cultural and ethnic diversity.

Top St Martin/Maarten Activities & Things To Do:

1. Sunbathing
2. Swimming
3. Watersports
4. Horseback riding
5. Bicycle tours
6. Quad bike trails
7. Shopping
8. Golf and tennis
9. Paraglidng
10. Clubs and themed bars
11. Maho Village
12. Ecotourism

Top St Martin/St marten Attractions and Sightseeing:

1. Marigot
2. Philipsburg
3. Spring Sugar Plantation
4. Pic Paradis
5. Loterie Farm
6. Hope Estate Archeological Site
7. The Old House
8. Grand-Case
9. Fort Amsterdam
10. Butterfly Farm

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St Martin Carribean - ATV by Ocean

St Martin Carribean – ATV by Ocean


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