Oahu is the third largest island of the Hawaiian Islands; however, it is the most popular due mainly to its spectacular beauty and vast array of activities and attractions. This gorgeous island is also home to Hawaii’s capital, Honolulu and one of the best surfing destinations anywhere, the North Shore.

Experience the Magnificence of Oahu

Oahu is an island of rich diversity. There are many different ethnic groups on the island, and the locals are some of the friendliest people you will find anywhere. Honolulu is perhaps the most popular city on the island, offering a broad range of things to see and explore.

From shopping centers to shimmering beaches, this is a city every visitor will want to experience. Honolulu is also the birth place of United State’s President Barack Obama and a major trade center, with one of the most developed business and industrial districts in the country. Aloha Tower is located in Oahu’s Honolulu as well, standing an impressive 439 feet tall.

What Makes Oahu Fascinating?

Oahu travel offers most anything that visitors could possibly ask for from a tropical island paradise. Whether you want to go shopping, swimming, surfing, hiking or sightseeing, Oahu has it all. When visiting Oahu, you will want to be sure to visit one or both of the most popular attractions on the island, Hanauma Bay and the beautiful Waikiki Beach.

On Hanauma Bay, you will have the rare opportunity to see such exotic creatures as sea turtles and many different and colorful fish unique to the islands. This is a great place to spend your afternoon scuba diving or snorkeling, while exploring all that the sea has to offer.

Waikiki Beach, located on Oahu’s south shore, is home to the famous Diamond Head. This golden beach stretches for two miles and is everything that you may imagine when you dream about fun and relaxation. While spending time on Waikiki Beach, there are many activities for you to choose among including sunbathing, swimming, surfing, canoeing or snorkeling.

Top Oahu Activities & Things To Do

As stated previously, Oahu is one of the most popular islands out of all the Hawaiian Islands, and thousands of people come here each year to bask in the year-round warm weather. There is adventure everywhere in Oahu, and you will not have to look far to find something exciting to do.

From hiking to the famous volcanic crater, Diamond Head, to surfing the massive waves of the North Shore, there is something to keep you occupied every moment you are here. If you want to plan your Oahu travel agenda, be sure to add some of the following activities and adventures to your “must-do” list. An agenda with any of these activities is sure to make your trip to Oahu most memorable, indeed.

1. Go Swimming in the Cool Ocean Waters
2. Sunbathe on the Sunny Beach of Waikiki
3. Surf the Waves of Sunset Beach or the North Shore
4. Spend the Afternoon Scuba Diving in Hanauma Bay
5. Go Canoeing in the waters of Hanauma Bay
6. Take a Hiking Trip to Diamond Head
7. Explore the Tunnels of Diamond Head
8. Visit Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona Memorial
9. Take a Tour of the Valley of the Temples Memorial Park
10. Attend a Traditional Hawaiian Luau
11. Play a Relaxing Round of Golf

Top Oahu Attractions and Sightseeing

Not only are there many exciting things to do in Oahu, but there are also a vast array of spectacular things to see as well. Two of the most popular attractions in Oahu include Diamond Head and Pearl Harbor. A trip to Diamond Head will give you the rare opportunity to see the most famous volcano crater on the globe.

If you love history, a visit to Pearl Harbor will take you back through time, while exploring the USS Arizona Memorial. These are just two of the many fabulous attractions on the island that make Oahu travel so popular. Some other popular attractions for sightseeing are as follows.

1. The Capital City, Honolulu
2. Hanauma Bay
3. Waikiki and Sunset Beach
4. Diamond Head
5. Waimea Beach Park
6. The USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor
7. Ali’i Beach Park
8. The Aloha Tower
9. Valley of the Temples Memorial Park
10. The Ko’olau Mountains

Best Accommodations in Oahu

The right accommodations can make a big difference in how you experience your trip to Oahu. There are many terrific lodgings on the island that can help make your stay amazing. From popular hotels to quaint cottages, Oahu is sure to have accommodations to suit you. The following lodgings are the most popular today.

1. The Kahala Resort
2. The Westin Moana Surfrider
3. The Turtle Bay Resort
4. JW Marriot Ihilani Resort and Spa
5. The Royal Hawaiian
6. The Lotus at Diamond Head
7. Aston Waikiki Beach Tower
8. Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach Resorts
9. Sheraton Waikiki

Oahu travel can prove to be the most exciting and adventurous getaway of your life. With its golden beaches, warm weather and many attractions, your are sure to want to extend your visit. Be sure to include some of the above activities and attractions to your trip’s agenda, and you can be assured to experience a most memorable and fun vacation.

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