France is one of the most popular and most admired countries among people all over the world. This is due mainly to the fact that it has a wide array of exciting attractions designed to please people of all ages and backgrounds. With its glistening beaches, magnificent monuments and splendid scenery, there is sure to be something here to keep any traveler intrigued.

The Unique Culture of France

French people are extremely friendly and hospitable, but they are also quite private people as well. They are highly formal and courteous with strangers, especially when it involves business. Those people who know each other well often greet one another by lightly kissing each other’s cheeks.

France is also known for its terrific food and wine. Cheese is a large part of French cuisine and can be found in many different dishes. While French cuisine differs slightly from one region to another, all of them are superb, indeed. Pastries, such as pain au chocolat and croissants are quite popular among both locals and visitors, and they go extremely well with coffee or tea.

What Makes France so Alluring?

France is an extremely diverse country that offers vacationers a vast array of terrific things to see and do. Whether you may wish to enjoy the natural beauty of the country in Bayeux, explore the Eiffel Tower in Paris or sip wine while lounging on the French Riviera, there are many reasons that make France travel so popular.

Another reason why France is so alluring is because of its extremely mild Mediterranean temperatures. While summer temperatures can reach as high as 100 degrees Fahrenheit, it rarely ever dips below 40 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter. Two of the best places in France to visit any time of the year are the French Riviera and Provence. It is rarely ever too hot or cold in either one of these regions.

Top France Activities & Things To Do

As stated above, France offers a wealth of things to see and do. When visiting in the winter, you may choose to go skiing or snowboarding in the French Alps. With its many historical monuments to explore, Paris is a fabulous place to visit any time of the year. Rural France is a great place to explore during the spring, summer or fall.

There are many lovely places in rural France where you can experience the beauty of the country either by way of hiking, biking or horseback riding. These are just a few things you can do while visiting the country. Be sure to add the following additional activities to your France travel agenda as well.

*Explore the Lascaux Caves of Dordogne
*Go Skiing or Snowboarding in the French Alps
*Go Hiking in the French Alps
*Taste the Local Cuisine Along the French Riviera
*Climb to the Top of Eiffel Tower
*Explore the Famous Art Housed in the Louvre Museum
*Visit the Museum of Natural History in Paris
*Take a Wine Tour in Lorraine
*Go Sunbathing or Swimming on one of the Many Beaches in the French Riviera
*Explore the Countryside of Camargue while Horseback Riding
*Set up Camp in Yelloh Camp in Aigues-Mortes
*Go Mountain Biking Through the Hills of Pic de l’Ours

Top France Attractions and Sightseeing

France travel is certainly not lacking in terrific attractions. From the historical Palace of Versailles to the Romantic Eiffel Tower or the magnificent French Alps, there is something in France to please every member of your family. While the attractions in France are too many to list, the following attractions are some of the most popular.

*The Eiffel Tower in Paris
*Paris’ Notre Dame
*Lascaux Caves
*The French Riviera
*The French Alps
*The Palace of Versailles
*The Louvre Museum
*The Museum of Natural History
*UNESCO World Heritage Site
*The River Giffre
*Henri Matisse Park
*Vauban Garden in Lille

France is one of the most popular vacation destinations in all of Europe. With its many exciting activities and magnificent attractions, France travel offers something for people of all ages and backgrounds. If you have not yet decided where to go for your vacation, a trip to France will be sure to provide you with many cherished memories.

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