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Punta Cana is a travel hot spot known for its variety of lush vegetation and gorgeous beaches. This phenomenal region is located within the Dominican Republic and is only three hours away from Santo Domingo. The spacious Punta Cana International Airport is known for its picturesque thatched roof and open-air design. This airport often receives more flights each day than the Aeropuerto Internacional located in Santo Domingo. From this location, visitors can take a hotel-provided shuttle to their resort or hop in a taxi.

Spanning 1,100 acres, the Punta Cana region is home to a city that goes by the same name. Its location between the El Cortecito beach and Cabeza de Toro make this region one of the Dominican Republic’s most popular. The area is known for its balmy climate and natural marine pools. Throughout the year, the temperature normally hovers between 26°C and 32°C. Visitors to the area should pack loose-fitting clothing and remember to bone up on their Spanish. Although many resorts have English-speaking staff members, most of the locals will only be able to speak in Spanish. For a more relaxed vacation, knowing a basic level of Spanish is helpful.

Overview of Punta Cana

Since popular Punta Cana travel options are located along the beach, the best activities occur in the water. Visitors to the area often enjoy activities like parasailing, boating, fishing and snorkeling. For a relaxed vacation, you can spend the day lounging at the beach.

Travelers will be able to find numerous shops, internet cafes and restaurants in the surrounding area. With the low cost of living in Punta Cana, most activities are extremely cheap for visitors to the area. Be prepared to barter with the store owner because people in the Dominican Republic love to negotiate the best price. When a tourist first asks the price, the initial offer will always be outrageously high. To get the best deal, visitors should haggle for a lower price.

Most travelers will be able to find delicious restaurants within their resort. If they step outside the resort area, they will often find unique local dishes and a better price. Since food is generally not made to Western standards, visitors should always stay away from anything that could have been left out for a long time. International-inspired dishes can be found at restaurants near Bavaro. However, due to safety reason, do not venture out of the resort on your own. You will always be safest inside your own hotel or on official tours.

Top Punta Cana Activities & Things To Do

Seaquarium – Instead of diving into the ocean, travelers can visit the Seaquarium. Travelers can slide on a helmet and jump into the ocean. Moments later, they will be walking along coral reefs as they the schools of fish that inhabit the ocean floor.

* Marinarium – Another water-themed outing is at this local water park. Visitors can snorkel with sting rays and local marine life and enjoy a few moments in a natural sea pool.
* Dolphin Island – Tourists can hop on a boat and moments later it will arrive at a floating platform. From this spot, visitors can fulfill their dream of swimming with dolphins.
* Horseplay – Spend an afternoon riding horses along the beach. Some companies also offers romantic picnics and zip line options.
* Aquatic Tours – Rent a two-person boat and explore the ocean on your own time. This special package also includes snorkeling equipment.
* Ocean Tours – From snorkeling to detox foot treatments, various companies offers many possible Punta Cana travel option.
* Rafting – In nearby Jarabacoa, visitors can check out a group of 18 different waterfalls. The Rio Yasque is also the longest river in the entire Caribbean and is a great opportunity for a whitewater rafting trip.
* Helicopter Tours – If travelers are looking for the ultimate Punta Cana travel excursion, a helicopter tour is the perfect choice. Take a helicopter tour and see Punta Cana from the comfort of a helicopter. Travelers will get a chance to see Punta Cana’s many golf courses, shipwrecks and sandy beaches.
* Golf Courses – For the golf-aficionado, Punta Cana is a veritable paradise. Spend a few days unwinding on the course amid tropical jungles and balmy breezes.
* Segway Tours – Travelers can rent a Segway at some Bavaro Hotels and cruise along the miles of beaches at Punta Cana.

Top Punta Cana Attractions and Sightseeing

* Santo Domingo – Santo Domingo is the oldest settlement by Europeans in the New World. Currently, this location is home to the palace of Diego and the oldest cathedral in the Western Hemisphere.
* Manati Park – This park is the perfect spot for animal lovers. From orchids to parrots to live dolphins, Manati Park is home to a range of native fauna and flora.
* Saona Island – Created as a natural reserve, Saona Island boasts of beautiful beaches and soft waves.
* Bavaro Runners – The adventuresome tourist can take this safari ride throughout the region. They will see the culture of the area and working sugarcane plantations.
* Altos de Chavon – With a 5,000-seat amphitheater, craft workshops and numerous galleries, this artist’s village is one vacation hot spot not to miss out on.

Top Hotels

Gran Bahia Principe
RIU bambu-Punta Cana
Be Live
Excellence Punta Cana
Barcelo Bavaro Beach Resort
Majestic Elegance Hotel Punta Cana
Punta Cana Guesthouse

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