Top Canada travel destinations are currently in vogue with tourists around the world. As one of the world’s wealthiest countries, Canada regularly draws tourists from every corner of the globe. This nation is the second-largest according to land mass, but only has a population of 33 million. Since it spans such a large area, making generalizations about the country can be difficult for even the most seasoned of travelers. For the most part, the majority of Canada travel spots have cool weather and friendly people. Known for its mosaic of cultures, Canada has a mix of native and immigrant groups that make trying the cuisine and meeting locals an interesting experience.


Located to the north of the United States, Canada was once a territory of the United Kingdom. Although it now is self-ruled, it is still a part of the Commonwealth. The people in Canada are known for being friendly and are often very open-minded toward visitors of different ethnicities. Featuring cold winters and balmy summers, this area has developed a reputation in the international sphere as the Switzerland of North America. Although it is not nearly as neutral as Switzerland, the fairness of its foreign policy lends itself well to this comparison.

All About the Location

Canada travel spots draw tourists from around the world. Cities like Victoria and Vancouver have developed a strong international following for their beauty, museums and rich shopping venues. In 2010, the city of Whistler even hosted the winter Olympics. Known for its snowy peaks, this area is a popular destination for snowboarders and skiers each winter.

Some of the top museums in Canada are located within the capital city of Ottawa. Home to the national government, this city also hosts the Museum of Civilization and a great deal of unique architecture from the past. With a country so immense in size, travelers will find it difficult to see all of the interesting facets of Canadian life. Luckily, most urban centers are situated close to the United States border so visitors will not have to travel too far into the Canadian wilderness to gain insight into this phenomenal country.

Top Canada Activities & Things To Do

Vancouver- For a more urban experience, travelers should visit the western city of Vancouver. Comprised of steel and glass, this city is known for its clean streets, skiing options and beautiful beaches.

Quebec City- Nothing heightens a Canada travel trip like an excursion into Quebec City. This section of Canada has the highest concentration of French speakers and has debated seceding Canada for years. Home to some of Canada’s best architecture, the city also boasts of a quaint winter festival.

Toronto- As the largest city in Canada, Toronto is home to a host of museums, shopping venues and recreational parks. It is also the location of a thriving theater arts scene and many entertainment districts.

Calgary- One of the only cities located at a distance from the United States border, Calgary is home to the famous Calgary Zoon and the Calgary Tower.

Halifax-Once the home of English colonialists, Halifax currently has a number of fortresses and architecture that remains from this time period. It is also the location of an extremely active nightlife.

Montreal- Although visitors can still get by with English, Montreal is Canada travel destination for Francophiles. This large metropolis has a host of festivals, galleries and unique shopping experiences.

Whitehorse- For a nature lover, a trip to Whitehorse is the best way to spend a vacation. Situated along the Alaska Highway, this city is the starting point for many of Canada’s best wildlife refuges and national parks.

Winnipeg- Another French-Canadian hotspot, Winnipeg is the place to go if you want to see historic landmarks and go on unique cultural trips.

Hiking in Saint John River Valley- With so much natural beauty at their fingertips, travelers would be crazy to miss out on some of Canada’s top hikes. From crisp mountain views to fertile valleys, Canada is a nature lover’s paradise. Make sure to go bear watching or whale watching at one of Canada’s many parks.

Top Canada Attractions and Sightseeing

Algonquin Park
Jasper National Park
Cape Breton Island
Banff National Park
Cariblues Festival in Yellowknife
Scotia Festival of Music in Halifax

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